Helping Anesthesiologists Succeed

The Anesthesia Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of concerned anesthesiologists in 1956 to provide low interest loans to residents in anesthesiology who are in need of financial assistance. The goals and purposes of the Foundation are:

  • To support young physicians in their choice of anesthesiology as a specialty;
  • Support specific projects that enhance the specialty of anesthesiology and are not supported by other agencies; and
  • Recognize and preserve the American heritage of anesthesiology.

The Anesthesia Foundation Resident Loan Program provides lower interest loans with flexible terms to help individual anesthesiology residents and fellows who meet certain criteria. It is the intent of The Anesthesia Foundation to provide loans to cover extraordinary living expenses related to emergency medical needs, housing and education.

COVID-19 Loan Program for Early Career Anesthesiologists – Update July 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented economic pressures for many anesthesiologists.  Early career anesthesiologists may be burdened with educational loans and other debts without having had time to build up significant reserves.  The Anesthesia Foundation COVID-19 Loan Program for Early Career Anesthesiologists, established on April 23, 2020 offered no interest loans up to $7500 for 2 years to ASA members who are early in their career.  The Anesthesia Foundation dedicated over one half of its reserve assets to this program.  Within the first month of the program, the Anesthesia Foundation received over 135 applications and paid out 116 loans totaling $862,500.  An additional 3 loans were approved but declined by the applicants.  Loans have been disbursed to anesthesiologists in 28 different states including 30 in California, 16 in Massachusetts, 9 in Tennessee, 7 in Ohio, 5 each in Florida and Texas, 4 each in Colorado, New York and Washington, 3 each in Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, and South Dakota, 2 each in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania and one each in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

At this time, all funds available for this program have been disbursed.  The Anesthesia Foundation especially wants to recognize and thank Diana Reznikov and the rest of the ASA staff whose hard work made possible the processing and disbursement of so many loans in such a short time.  We also thank the ASA and its leadership for their support of this program by providing a generous $500,000 interest free loan to help us preserve some of our reserve assets during this time.  We greatly appreciate all the donors to the Anesthesia Foundation (listed below) who have contributed $141,030 over the past month to support this effort.   We especially want to recognize the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists and the California Society of Anesthesiologists who each contributed $50,000 to this effort.  Thank you for your support.


Texas Society of Anesthesiologists
California Society of Anesthesiologists
Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists
Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists
New Mexico Society of Anesthesiologists
Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists
Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists
Maine Society of Anesthesiologists
Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists
Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists


Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD, FCAI(Hon)
Mark Singleton
Evan G. Pivalizza, M.D.
Randall Clark, MD and Joy Hawkins, MD
Chuck and Carol Otto
Dr. Stephanie Jones
Christine A Doyle, MD, FASA
Julie G. Broussard RPh MD FASA
M Lyndon Dieter
Rajeev Garg
Kira Lebowitz, MD
Christine and Philip Lumb
Mary Ellen and Mark Warner
Randall and Cynthia Waring
Linda B Hertzberg, MD, FASA
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Owens
Dr. Mary Dale Peterson
Dr. May Pian-Smith