The Anesthesia Foundation grants loans up to $7,500 to individuals while they are in a residency or fellowship program.


Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents, be in good standing in an ACGME or AOA approved anesthesiology residency or fellowship program and have all three required letters of recommendation submitted.  You must be in training in either a residency or fellowship program at the time you receive your loan payout.

Loan Details:

When your loan has been approved, you will be sent formal notification and a promissory note.   The loan payout will occur the month following our receipt of your signed promissory note.  The Anesthesia Foundation provides the option of either receiving a check or you can sign up to have the payment made via direct deposit to your bank account.  It takes approximately 10 business days for the direct deposit to be setup.

The loans have a 0% interest rate.  The loan becomes due six months following the completion of your program.  If the loan is not paid in full by the maturity date, repayment will be scheduled in 12 equal monthly installments at a 4% annual interest rate. The loan can be paid off early with no penalties and the interest will be recalculated to account for the early payoff.

If you receive the loan while you are in a residency program and upon completion continue to a fellowship program, your loan repayment can be deferred until six months following the completion of your fellowship.  It is your responsibility to contact the Anesthesia Foundation to request the deferral and to have confirmation from your Fellowship Director sent to The Anesthesia Foundation attesting to your acceptance into the fellowship and date of expected completion.  In this event, the interest on the loan will be recalculated to reflect the new repayment dates and you will be provided with an updated repayment schedule and promissory note which must be signed and returned to take the place of the original.

Application Details:

A fillable PDF Loan Application Form may be downloaded by clicking here.  (Adobe Reader necessary).  Alternatively, the Loan Application Form will be emailed to you if you request it on the Contact Us page of our website. The Loan Application may be completed on your computer or may be printed out to complete by hand.  When you have completed the application and signed it, save it to your computer and then send it as an attachment in an email to The Anesthesia Foundation ([email protected]).

Make sure to complete all required parts of the application including the completion date of your residency or fellowship program.  List the name and complete contact information of three medical work references including email addresses.  The three references must include the Department Chair, the Residency or Fellowship Program Director and an anesthesia faculty staff physician.  Additional references from other anesthesia staff, residents and/or the residency program coordinator may be submitted as additional support but will not substitute for the three required references.  Each of the references will be contacted by The Anesthesia Foundation and will be asked to provide a reference letter on your behalf.  If you are in your residency at the time of application and have been accepted into a Fellowship, a letter from your Fellowship Director attesting to your acceptance into the program and date of expected completion is also required.

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