Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief


In cooperation with the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, 16 residents and fellows (3 from Baylor, 3 from University of Texas Houston and 10 from University of Texas Medical Branch) were identified by The Anesthesia Foundation to have suffered severe unreimbursed losses and expenses from Hurricane Harvey. The Anesthesia Foundation has provided these 16 residents with unrestricted grants to aid in their recovery totaling $20,300. In addition, several of these residents are receiving low interest loans through the Anesthesia Foundation loan program.

The Texas Society of Anesthesiologists conducted a fundraising drive to help fund these grants. The Anesthesia Foundation is very grateful for this outpouring of support for residents affected by the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The Anesthesia Foundation and the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists would like to acknowledge the following for contributing to the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief for Anesthesiology Residents. Additional contributions to the Anesthesia Foundation for disaster relief are welcome.

Evan Pivalizza
Amr Abouleish
Gary Latson
Jaideep Mehta
Joseph Szokol, M.D.
Drs. Jeff and Debbie Plagenhoef
Dr. Mitesh J Patel
Dr Jessica Compean Fierro
Keith Chamberlin, MD MBA FASA
Drs. Katie Shide and Brendan Hayes
Alyssa Janousek
Dr. Jim Gill
Ravi Tamerisa
LoriJean Reed, M.D.
Lois L. Bready, M.D.
Erin A. Sullivan, M.D., FASA
Arthur and Glenda Boudreaux
University of Pittsburgh Anesthesiology
North American Partners in Anesthesia
Dr. Lynn Knox
Mary Dale Peterson
The Sivak Family
Ron and Kathy Harter
Clint Fuller
Mary Ellen & Mark Warner
Galveston, in memory
John & Valerie Williams
Teegarden family

Chuck and Carol Otto
Alyssa Janousek
Dr Gurkowski
The McGhee Family OSUMC
Dr Gurkowski
Dr. Kiki Palacios
John Scott, D.O.
Udaya B Padakandla
Udaya Padakandla
Bracken Kolle, M.D.
Dr. Lisa R Farmer
Richard Laube
Girish P. Joshi
Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists
Dr. Vijaya Gottumukkala
Elizabeth Rebello
Sudha Balan
Drew Grimes
Cortney Williams, M.D.
Karen Sibert, M.D.
Kathryn E. McGoldrick,MD, FCAI(Hon)
Christine and Philip Lumb
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Croy
Kari Kari In loving memory of Eric Fisher
Kari Sabrie In loving memory of Eric Fisher
Marvin Cohen
James P McMichael MD
H.A. Tillmann Hein, M.D.
Victoria Olatunji